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French Macarons – Where, oh, where can I find them? August 5, 2010

Macarons seem to be moving past their 2009 status as trendy desserts, as they’ve maintained their popularity well into 2010 and don’t appear to be losing steam anytime soon.  Naturally gluten-free, these pretty, miniature sandwich treats are being displayed on dessert tables at weddings and special events across the country.  With or without the presence of the traditional, multi-tiered cake, dessert tables are gaining favour at Canadian weddings this year.

In Toronto’s Distillery District, The Sweet Escape crafts delicious, mid-sized, fairly affordable macarons in a variety of flavours and colours.

In Toronto’s West end, Nadège Patisserie is still fairly new to the city, but is becoming a key part of the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood.  Nadège macarons are made in the traditional French style and are slightly smaller and more pricey than those found at The Sweet Escape, but the flavour and colour options are much wider.  Nadège macarons are beautifully packaged, which makes them a lovely option for party favours or even as a hostess gift.

Nadege Patisserie Macarons

Aeroplan lists the best macaron shops across Canada here, but no East Coast shops are listed.  Where can one find a tasty macaron in the Atlantic provinces?

U.S. based L.A. Burdick Chocolate offers online shopping and does ship to Canada, and their macarons appear to be delicate and delicious, but you’d have to order quite a few treats to make the shipping fees worthwhile.

For an eye-catching and extremely affordable option across the country, many locations of the Metro grocery chain offer huge macarons for the reasonable price of $14.99 per dozen.  Metro’s macarons are so large, each one equals approximately three of the regular-sized variety.  The only drawback is that Metro offers only two flavours: Pistachio with pistachio buttercream, and strawberry with chocolate creme.  Both are dee-lect.

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