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Makin’ Whoopie August 5, 2010

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Move over cupcakes!  Step aside macarons!  The latest in dessert trends is the whoopie pie.

Whoopie pies consist of two cake discs melded together by a creamy frosting centre.  They sound good, don’t they?

Whoopie Pies - Stack 'em up

As I’ve seen several books and recipes concerning these round, tasty delights popping up in bookstores and home decor shops over the past few months, I predict they will hit dessert tables and favour bags/boxes near you before the end of this year.  Whoopieee!!!

One such recipe book that’s become a fast favourite of mine is Whoopie Pies by Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell.  The cover is cute and inviting, and the recipes are simple, clearly laid-out, and are accompanied by colourful and mouth-watering images.  This book even includes vegan and gluten-free recipes for the whoopies.

Whoopie Pies: Recipe Book

The book can be found at Indigo and Chapters locations, as well as Crate and Barrel and  Crate and Barrel also has a special baking tray for the whoopies, and in some cases even carries cake mixes specifically created for the whoopies.  It’s a whole new world of baked goods!

While the whoopies are certainly not as dainty as the macaron, as pretty as the cupcake, or as “no frills” fun as the doughnut, they are versatile.  Whoopies can be created in a variety of colours and flavours, are easier to make than macarons, don’t require the painstaking decoration needed for cupcakes (but can be prettied up, if so desired), and, unlike our dear old friend the doughnut, whoopies are never submerged in a deep fryer.  There are a lot of good points going for the whoopie.

I plan to purchase a whoopie pie baking tray soon and will let you know the results.  Fun!

Pretty Whoopies

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