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Prepping Your Vase for a Party August 17, 2010

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Adding some pizazz to a plain vase is as easy as buying some ribbon and some fabric glue.

A little ribbon goes a long way

In most cases, you can easily find ribbon that coordinates with your party theme or colours.  For this project, I needed bright blue ribbon, as I was hosting a work-related party and the corporate colour is bright blue.  I decided to host a blue and white-themed party.

The best shops to find ribbon at the most affordable prices are Walmart and your local dollar store.  The next step up is Michael’s, Essence Du Papier (or any Pierre Belvedere retailers).  The next step up from that is a specialty shop such as Mokuba – which is extremely expensive but has a beautiful selection of ribbon.

I purchased the blue ribbon and the fabric glue from Walmart and then decided to incorporate a branded button from the workplace.

Step One: Measure the ribbon around the vase and cut it to the desired length.  Then, glue one end of the ribbon onto the vase.  I used two strips of ribbon, as I wanted the blue band to be thick across the vase.

Getting Started

Step One: Glue the ribbon to the vase

Step Two: Wrap the ribbon around the vase and glue the other end of the ribbon to the back of the vase.  The end of the ribbon should overlap the beginning of the ribbon.

Step Two: Wrap it around...

Step Two: More glue!

Step Three: You’ll notice that the ends of the ribbon on the back of the vase look a bit raggedy.  You can tidy this up in a few ways: 1) You can cover the ends by pinning a coordinating button or craft onto the vase; or 2) You can cut a strip of ribbon to run vertically down over the ends of the ribbon.  If the back of the vase will be placed against another surface and won’t be facing any guests, then you needn’t even worry bout it.  Let it all hang out!

Step Three: Ready to roll!

And we’re done!


Cube vase works too

See?  Easy.  If you have any suggestions for glamming up your vases and tableware, please do let me know!

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