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Picnic Party Invitations August 18, 2010

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So, I decided this past weekend that I’m going to host a Ladies’ Picnic this coming Saturday.  I really wanted to create hard copy invitations for the small list of guests, but due to the short time frame (less than a week), I created hard copy invitations just for the guests I could hand deliver the envelopes to, and a Facebook invitation for the remainder of the guests.

Do you know how difficult it is to find a picnic-themed invitation and red/white gingham ribbon at the end of the summer?  Really, really difficult.  So, I opted for a ladybug notecard and red/white and green/white polka dot ribbon.  Again, just as I mentioned in the vase decoration project, you can do quite a bit with some fabric glue and some ribbon.

I visited the The Paper Place on Toronto’s Queen Street West, and found some cute, red and white polka dot paper.  I bought the notecards, ribbon and photo corners at Walmart, and the envelope labels at Indigo (only available in store).

Invitation Supplies

Creating these invitations was a fairly simple project, and took me about one hour to complete eight invitations.  To try this project for your own event, please follow the nifty instructions below.

Step One: Cut the accent paper (polka dot, in this case) to the desired size.  Use the trusty tacky glue to affix the paper onto the notecard.

Step One: Glue the accent paper onto the card

Step Two: Create the event description (when, where, etc.).  I created mine on a computer and printed it in black and white, but a handwritten version would look nice as well.  Then, cut the description paper to fit within the border of the accent paper.  You can use the tacky glue to affix the second layer of paper, but I opted for photo corners for this project to give the card a cleaner look.

Step Two: Attach event description

Step Three: Decorate the envelope with ribbon.  Cut the ribbon to the desired length and affix one end to the other with tacky glue.

Step Three: Ribbon time

Step Four: Stick a self-adhesive label onto the front of the envelope.  This will cover the ends of the ribbon and will also help to stick the ribbon band onto the envelope.  I wrote the guests’ names in green pen, to coordinate with the colour scheme.

Step Four: The finishing touch

Another colour option

All done!

Please share any invitation ideas you have by sending them to


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