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Bash Board: Modern Victorian Cocktail Party (My Wedding!) September 8, 2010

I got married in Toronto this past June and, honestly, spent one full year planning for the big day.  I was as organized as can be – fully equipped with a binder, an accordion file, an extensive multi-tabbed spreadsheet, and every wedding magazine on the market.  I reveled in the planning process!

As part of my in-depth planning, I created a bash board to keep myself on track with my event vision.  I already knew what I wanted, so I skipped the inspiration board step, but I found that the bash board helped me to communicate my vision to others (caterer, cupcake baker, florist, day-of event coordinator, friends, family, etc.).

Our wedding colours were ivory, black and grey.  My husband and I decided on a “Modern Victorian Cocktail Party” theme, with a cameo motif running throughout.  Okay, let’s be honest here, I decided on the colours, theme and motif, but the hubby was on board and very supportive.  Thank you, hubby!

Most items in the bash board actually made their way into the wedding, with the exception of the lush and beautiful anemones.  The fact that these perfect flowers are not in season in late June still stings me a bit.  I honestly may have timed the wedding to coincide with their availability, had I known earlier that I wouldn’t be able to get them in June.  I’m crazy, I know!   In lieu of the anemones, I went with ivory gerbera daisies with black centres.  They were a cute and pretty bloom that worked well with our wedding colours.

Items from the bash board that made the final cut (clockwise from the top line):

  • Cupcakes topped by white flowers with black centres (though they were much prettier than the ones shown on this board)
  • Black and white thrones and the silver cocktail table from Contemporary Furniture Rentals
  • Custom invitations by Vogel Design (which included our actual silhouettes!)
  • Throw cushions with cameos on them (a DIY project)
  • Laura Secord‘s classic cameo chocolates as guest favours
  • My RED shoes!  I couldn’t afford the decadent Valentinos, so I ordered the lookalikes from
  • My cameo necklace (a gift from my sweet Mama)
  • My Justin Alexander dress (Style #8465)
  • St. Lawrence Hall as our venue (GORGEOUS and fairly affordable)

The day really was perfect and was everything I wanted it to be.  I’ll post photos of the special day soon, so you can compare the bash board with the actual bash.  Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to “Bash Board: Modern Victorian Cocktail Party (My Wedding!)”

  1. Jules Says:

    Are you interested in selling your dress?

    • Hi Jules,

      Thanks so much for your note. I’m not quite ready to part with my dress, but I do believe Justin Alexander still carries it (#8465). Best of luck to you!


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