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Bash Board: Pink & Blue September 9, 2010

Many fall weddings draw their inspiration from the gorgeous colours of the changing leaves.  While this can help create a warm and beautiful bash, it could also be fun to try something different and unexpected.  A combination of a cheery, bright pink and a deep navy blue  could provide the edge and element of surprise you may be looking for.  The sharp contrast and the cool tones can really be used year-round, and various pink-hued flowers are available during the fall and winter seasons.

While traversing through the bashosphere (yip, just made up that word), I came across the website for Naomi V. Goodman of Enchanted Dream Weddings and Affairs.  Naomi also has a fabulous blog that features event ideas and inspiration accompanied by beautiful images.  You can check out Naomi’s “enchanted” blog here.

Naomi plans dream weddings and affairs, large corporate events, seminars, destination meetings, charity fundraisers, and more.  Based in San Diego, California, Naomi offers multiple event packages with varying levels of support and coordination, allowing her to accommodate diverse budgets and bashes.

I was perusing the “Inspiration Board” section of Naomi’s blog and came across this sharp and classy wedding combination.

Naomi suggests using “various shades of blue and pink to make your wedding palette pop. Use the darkest shade of one color and the lightest of the other for your tablescape, and favor packaging.”

As always, ribbon is your friend and can be used for multiple purposes, as this bash board suggests.  With this colour combination, you can lean toward a nautical theme,  a motif highlighting the juxtaposition between masculine and feminine influences, or simply a modern and eye-catching affair.

Love it!

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One Response to “Bash Board: Pink & Blue”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Thank you so very much! 🙂

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