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Brilliant Bash: Don’t rain on my pic-a-nic Part II September 12, 2010

I posted a preview of my Ladies’ Picnic Party here a few weeks ago.  Needless to say, I was absolutely peeved that an unscheduled downpour occurred immediately before my guests were scheduled to arrive.  My poor husband ran up and down the stairs helping me bring in all of the picnic goodies so they wouldn’t be ruined.  It was rotten!

I had planned the picnic to take place on our spacious rooftop patio but, due to the nasty rain, we ended up being cramped into our tiny condo livingroom.  It all turned out fine, and everyone was a really good sport about the situation, but my beautiful party plan had been foiled!  Hmph!

A few pictures I managed to snap as the rain was doing its dirty work:

Dampened Picnic!


Pretty Picnic Gerberas


Ruined! *sob*

My friend Maryam took great photos of the indoor party here. Maryam is a talented photographer and did a much better job with the photos than I ever could.  Thank you for making me feel better about the indoor picnic, Maryam!

I planned this party in one week, so I didn’t have a tonne of time to obsess over the details.  Along with the classic red picnic gingham, I took inspiration from strawberries and watermelon and added some touches of light pink and fresh green to the colour palette.  I love polka dots, so I incorporated the print in red and green throughout.

I created handmade invitations for the guests I would see in-person that week (details here), and the remainder of the guests were invited via Facebook, with a cute picnic basket photo to entice them.  I purchased the gingham-printed trays, baskets, mason jars, paper cups, tablecloths, napkins, cutlery and dishtowels at various dollar stores, the ribbons at Walmart, and the fancy stripey paper straws at the small shop in Thomson Hotel (though I now sell these in the Brilliant Bash boutique here for much cheaper).

I ordered six strawberry shortcake and six lemon meringue cupcakes from For the Love of Cake in Toronto’s Liberty Village.  The guests oohed and ahhed over the cupcakes and some even tried one of each flavour.  They were a hit!  The fried chicken and cold salads were ordered from KFC, and I made pb&j sandwiches on regular and gluten-free baguettes.  I also prepared a cheese dome with various cheeses and a cracker platter with a fancy basil and olive oil goat cheese spread in the middle (from The Healthy Butcher).  There were candies, watermelon slices and strawberries on offer, as well as the picnic and lunchbox tradition – raspberry wagon wheels!  It was quite an afternoon feast.

To refresh our guests, I offered water with fresh strawberries, as well as mixed a berry vodka with fresh lemons and frozen lemonade and – presto – we had “Electric Berry Lemonade.”  My husband mixed an alcoholic variation of a sweet and tart iced tea, which was absolutely delicious.

I found a red and white checked clip art border online and created small tent cards so I could label the food items that weren’t obvious (such as the drinks).  I then placed a small ladybug scrapbooking sticker in each upper-left corner.  Unfortunately, it was all for naught, as all of my tent cards got drenched!

Regardless of the weather, what to wear to this picnic party?  I visited Toronto’s Little Party Shoppe and found a sweet pink gingham apron that worked perfectly for my Ladies’ Picnic Party.  See?

Cheers to the Picnic Apron

Favours consisted of bags of red gingham-wrapped jelly beans and gummy bears, red and green Laura Secord lollipops, and individual serving packs of cherry Kool-Aid.  It was rot-your-teeth-out kind of fun!

So, all in all, the picnic went ahead and the guests seemed to enjoy the indoor variation of the original plan.  I must admit that I am hesitant to ever plan an outdoor event again (I’m still feeling the burn!), but I am scheming up various ideas for the indoor focused fall and winter months.  Look out friends – more invitations are coming your way!

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7 Responses to “Brilliant Bash: Don’t rain on my pic-a-nic Part II”

  1. Maryam Says:

    We’ll just have to have a 2011 edition with sunny skies. 🙂

    thanks for your kind words and for a fun afternoon!

  2. Brilliant! I loved this!! Great inspiration–even if it did end up indoors (hate when that happens).

    I always love a lovely picnic… 🙂

  3. Hi Laura, lovely party! great details, everything looks perfect, sorry it had to rain 😦

  4. Jayna Rae Says:

    Cute picnic decor. The classic colors are always so appealing. ou look adorable in your apron too, smiling despite the rain.

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