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Bash Board: Chocolate & Cherry September 14, 2010

A close friend of mine is getting married next fall (woo hoo!) and she has opted for a colour palette of cherry red and chocolate brown.  Yum!

Of course, even though my gal is in the initial planning stages, I’ve been drilling her for all of the planning details.  At this point, she definitely desires red flowers and brown bridesmaid dresses, she prefers dark table cloths, is drawn to branch-related centrepieces, enjoys red paper lanterns, prefers fun cupcakes over the traditional wedding cake, and is loving the caramel apple favour trend.

With those details in mind, I took it upon myself to create some custom bash boards for her special event.  Each board incorporates the pieces she desires, but offers a different take on the brown and red colour scheme.

Option #1:

Bash Board #1

Option #2:

Bash Board #2

Option #3:

Bash Board #3

Man!  This colour palette is making me hungry!  And those delicious-looking cupcakes aren’t helping!

I hope these images help my pal with her planning process.  What do you think of this photo collection?

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