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Brilliant Bash: Katie & Eric’s Wedding September 22, 2010

I posted a feature on Ontario-based A Simple Photograph last week, as I absolutely adore Erin Samuell’s style and her artistic eye for colour, light and shadow.  Erin’s blog is teeming with striking and fun images, so I decided to do one post about her images, in general, and another that featured a specific event.  This post is the latter.  This post features Katie and Eric’s intimate and beautiful wedding, set in Stratford, Ontario this past May.

I must disclose that Katie is a former co-worker of mine, and I oohed and ahhed over her wedding plans for months, and eventually did the same with her stunning wedding photos.  Katie had raved about her photographer, Erin Samuell, but a lot of people say their photographer is great.  I reserve judgment until I see the images myself.

Well, Katie wasn’t just another head-in-the-clouds kind of bride.  This gal knew her stuff, planned her wedding on her own (impeccably), and the results were magazine-worthy.  And the photos?  Well, have a look for yourself:

A beautiful start to a beautiful day



A Father-Daughter Moment

This Way to Happiness

Down the Aisle



Breathtakingly Beautiful

Have Love, Will Travel

Stoppin' for a snack


Sweet Reception

Katie describes her big day:

“Our wedding day was exactly how we’d planned it – a day to celebrate our love with an intimate group of immediate family and friends.  When we first talked about getting married, we knew the wedding had to be personal and elegant with a focus on local and seasonal.  My dress was from Cabaret Vintage in Toronto – the perfect style for me – short, interesting and handmade. Boutonnières for Eric and his brother, and gorgeous fascinators for me and my sister, were crafted with love by my best friend, owner of Pomp and Plumage.  We chose Stratford, Ontario, as the location having spent two years there for work, and our fave restaurant Bijou became home to both our ceremony and reception.  My flowers were peonies (my dream wedding flower), our favours were handmade pottery teacups and decadent macarons from Nadege in Toronto.  Erin Samuell of A Simple Photograph captured the day with an expert flair, from walking down the aisle to posing in a canoe. With a guest list of 15 people (plus myself and Eric), we were able to make the entire weekend a special experience, and we remember and savour every moment.”

I also asked Erin a few questions about her work and about the experience of shooting this particular wedding.  Here is a snippet of our conversation:

Brilliant Bash: What, for you, seemed special about Katie and Eric’s day?

Erin Samuell: I have a total soft spot for intimate weddings!  There’s something so special about a tiny guest list, I mean when there’s only 17 guests, each and every one of them is the guest of honour.  Because Eric and Katie had such a small and cozy venue you could clearly see the emotion on their faces as they exchanged their vows and you were truly a part of the event, not just a witness to it.  I think that was what was most noteworthy about their wedding, but of course Katie and Eric are such a stylish couple and they created a space that was beautiful and elegant and very easy to photograph.

Brilliant Bash: Did you determine the various shoot locations ahead of time, or was it more of a casual process?  Do you usually have a shot plan for the weddings you photograph?

Erin Samuell: For Katie and Eric’s wedding, we did not pre-determine the locations. Of course, we had a general idea of where and when, but because the bridal party was so small and everything was happing in one convenient location, it was easy to be flexible.  We noticed the canoe rental booth when we were taking photos near the lake, and one of the groomsmen asked if we could borrow one.  That was a lucky find.  I am always open to the unexpected.  Those are the shots that inevitably turn out great!

Brilliant Bash: Do you have any tips for readers who are seeking photography services for their own weddings and special events?

Erin Samuell: Get to know your photographer, make sure you click (pardon the pun) with them on a personal level as well as respecting their body of work.  I am a huge advocate of engagement photos.  I recommend getting them done as early in the planning stages as possible.  It’s simply the best way to get to know how your photographer shoots and it gives your photographer a chance to figure out what style/method works best for you as couple.  Just like you would never order a meal without a taste test, or have your hair styled without a trial, I think engagement pictures are critical, and hey they’re a ton of fun too!

Photos Courtesy of A Simple Photograph

Katie and Eric’s wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty in June 2010.

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