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Bash Board: Hallowe’en Ideas September 27, 2010

I’m not planning a Hallowe’en party this year, but, if I was, there is no lack of inspiration available online and in magazines.  So many options for party decor and treats – what to do?

This year, I would likely host a glam, Victorian-inspired Hallowe’en bash.  For decor, I would get started with classic pumpkins but add an edgy, unexpected flair.  I love the lace covered pumpkin idea in the Better Homes and Gardens special Hallowe’en 2010 issue.  You can also find this project online here. Using lace in different colours and prints could help to mix up the decor a bit as well.

Fancy Pumpkin Project

Placing creepy versions of classic silhouettes in black frames around the entertaining space would add to the ambience (project how-to guide here), as would the “glam” collection from Tom Kat Studios (cupcake toppers, place cards, favour tags, etc. found here).  Incorporating lots of pillar candles and candlesticks, as well as some dark floral arrangements covered in cobwebs would complete the look.

For refreshments, I would serve mini pumpkin spice cakes, a chocolate pumpkin cake, and a spooky cocktail, such as the Screaming Spirits:

SCREAMING SPIRITS (full details and recipe found at Luxurious Wedding Garnishes)

2 oz Sparkling Wine
1 oz Blood Orange Juice
1/4 oz Campari
1/4 oz Simple Syrup
1/2 oz Vodka
Combine all ingredients in ice shaker

Bash Board: Hallowe'en 2010

Please share your Hallowe’en bash ideas on our Facebook page or in the comments here.  Thanks for reading!

Photos courtesy of Martha,, Pizza by the Slice, Luxurious Wedding Garnishes, Country Living, and Tom Kat Studio.

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4 Responses to “Bash Board: Hallowe’en Ideas”

  1. PartyMom Says:

    Hi there! Linked over through CPN. Great blog…and I love those lace covered pumpkins! I haven’t seen those yet…great find!

    • So glad you enjoyed the read! I love those lacy pumpkins too. Many thanks for visiting!

      • Bonnie Velazquez Says:

        I was just wondering if you had any specific instructions on how to put the lacy pumpkins together. I was thinking of doing it for my fall Victorian themed wedding. Thanks so much in advance.

        Bonnie V.

      • Hello Bonnie,

        The BHG directions indicated that you should cut a square of lace fabric that will fit around the pumpkin, cut a small hole in the middle to fit the stem through, and then gather the lace together at the bottom of the pumpkin and sew it together.

        There is another method (involving a glue gun) mentioned here:

        Congrats on your wedding and best of luck with this project!


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