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Hallowe’en in the Workplace October 7, 2010

I love Hallowe’en: The treats, the costumes, the crisp fall air – what’s not to love?  And I really enjoy bringing the Hallowe’en fun into my home and into my workplace.

For many years, I’ve simply brought Hallowe’en treats into the office for all to share.  Sometimes I’ve even gone so far as to create individual miniature bags of treats for each of my colleagues.  But, this year, I decided to try something different.

I was reading the TomKat Studio blog and came upon this fun and hilarious idea for celebrating Hallowe’en in your neighbourhood.  The concept is that you “Boo” two of your neighbours by posting a colourful sign on their door (free printable found here), as well as a tasty Hallowe’en treat.  Each neighbour then, in turn, “Boos” two of their neighbours, and so on.  The ultimate goal is that, by the time October 31st is upon us, all of your neighbours will have been “Booed.”  Love it!

So, armed with this fantastic free sign and list of guidelines from The TomKat Studio, I decided to transition this fun concept into my office.  This past Tuesday evening, I posted the materials on two co-workers’ desks, as well as a fab treat, so they would discover they had been “Booed” when they arrived at work the next day.  It was so much fun watching their reactions on Wednesday morning!


Some Hallowe'en fun at the office


Now, it will be interesting to see the “Boo” craze sweeping through the office.  Yay, Hallowe’en!

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