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Brilliant Bash: Freaki Tiki Party October 11, 2010

We hosted a Freaki Tiki Bash this past weekend and it was a blast.  I based the party plan on a Brilliant Bash Blueprint that I previously posted here.

Tiki Cake


Top of the Tiki Cake


Tiki Treats


Aerial View


Tiki Treat Table Close-Up

The treat table consisted of a four-layer cake (chocolate-vanilla-chocolate-vanilla) that I baked and decorated to resemble a tiki totem.  It was so much fun to create and I was really pleased with the results.  I ordered tiki mask sugar cookies from Lindsey Bakes and oh, what a job she did!  The cookies were decorated impeccably and then packaged individually – they were an absolute hit at the party. I baked gluten-free chocolate “tikicakes”, decorated them with a buttercream icing and tropical sprinkles, and then placed each one in a pink petaled cupcake wrapper, complete with a pink floral cupcake topper.  To place the treats, I used floral melamine plates that my husband’s mother gave me a few years ago, and created makeshift cupcake stands by placing a plate atop a pastel plastic bowl.  The remaining plates were filled with fresh pineapple chunks, decked out with pineapple-topped skewers.  Later on in the night, we ordered Hawaiian pizza (meat and veggie options), which was promptly devoured by our guests.


Cookie Closeup

Gluten-free Tikicakes

For the beverage station, I purchased pineapple soft drinks, pineapple juice, and tropical fruit juice, for the non-alcoholic options.  My husband created a cocktail menu that consisted of a Tiki Punch (in a beverage dispenser on which I had taped a tiki mask print-out from Disney Family Fun), Mai Tais, Screeching Zombies, Tiki Ti-Punch, Bermuda Bouquets, and Jungle Junk.  I will share his tropical cocktail recipes in a later post.

Tiki Tonics

Cocktail Station

The majority of the decor was from the best dollar store I’ve ever been to – a new one that just opened up in Toronto’s Liberty Village a few weeks ago.  I bought the pinata, coconut cups, leis, table skirt, fun straws, drink/food skewers, tiki lanterns, and luau plates, cups and napkins from that shop.  It was quite a challenge to transform our modern Baroque-decorated condo into a tiki hut, but with the right lighting (lots of candlelight) and great tropical flowers, we managed to create the right kind of island ambience.

Island Decor

The highlight of the night for me was the limbo contest.  It was hilarious and our guests really got into it.  I used the pinata stick as the limbo pole, and it worked just fine.  We purchased a “50’s Tiki Party” music collection from iTunes and it was the perfect accompaniment to the party and to the crazy limbo session.

Limbo Time!

The Limbo Champ

This bash was so much fun to plan and to decorate, and it was very low-maintenance throughout the night (with the exception of my poor hubby making cocktails all night!).  We plan to make this Freaki Tiki bash an annual event.  I look forward to next year!

Photos by Brilliant Bash

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5 Responses to “Brilliant Bash: Freaki Tiki Party”

  1. Angela Says:

    That looks like a great party! So sad that I missed it! Unfortunately I was frantically working on behind-schedule thanksgiving dinner preparation.

  2. […] hosted a Freaki Tiki party a few weeks ago, and I promised that I would provide details on the cocktail menu in a later […]

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