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Vendor Spotlight: Coco Cake November 4, 2010

Coco Cake is a small cupcake catering company located in Vancouver, B.C., run by artist and fun-loving baker Lyndsay Sung.

Lyndsay’s work is unique and oh-so-cute.  Coco Cake cupcakes and cakes are handmade, baked from scratch, decorated with love, and have a warm, touchable, vintage aesthetic.  Lyndsay often adds handmade cupcake or cake toppers to complete her baked and iced designs.

Eye-Catching Cupcakes

The Main Event

Lovely Display


Adorably Cute Sesame Street Gang (and grumpy Oscar)

Fancy Flowers

And check out these fab cakes!

Puppy Cake

Cookie Monster

I had the opportunity to ask Lyndsay a few questions about her business.  This is an excerpt from our chat:

Brilliant Bash: What made you decide to start a cupcake/cake bakery?

Lyndsay: I graduated from art school with a degree in Integrated Media focusing on conceptual video, film and music. I’ve been doing art my whole life in some way or another and I think it translated into cakes nicely. There is a lot of creative problem solving in cake-making! My cake  career was kicked off by receiving a pink Kitchen Aid as a wedding present from my grandma. It was staring at me in the face, daring me to use it!  So, I began experimenting, got obsessed with learning about the craft, the flavours and the design, and soon enough I was doing cakes for a good friend’s wedding.  After that, word of mouth spread about my work and now I’m lucky enough to be busy with it.

BB: How many people are on your team?

Lyndsay: I am the sole person on my team!  I shop for ingredients, draw out ideas, work with clients, bake and frost the cakes, clean up, maintain my blog, etc.  I do have two amazing helpers who I call on from time to time: My amazing husband Rich (he is very good with spatial dimensions so sometimes helps me carve cakes or visualize ideas) and my awesome dad Gerry (I bounce business ideas off of him, and he often comes with me and helps me deliver orders, then we go for lunch afterward).

BB: What are your hopes for the future of Coco Cake?

Lyndsay: My hope for the future of my business is to continue the path which I’ve honed thus far: Creating delicious and well-designed, cute and super special cakes for people who appreciate them!  I would like to develop my skills further by taking some classes in tiered cakes or just finding the time to learn myself and maybe to try my hand at doing some really modern and interesting wedding cakes.

You can learn more about Lyndsay and Coco Cake on her website and blog, as well as the Coco Cake Facebook page.

Photos Courtesy of Coco Cake & Amy Pelletier Photography

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