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The Latest: Fancy Paper Straws November 7, 2010

Fancy straws seem to be sweeping the entertaining world at a surprising pace.  What is making patterned paper straws gain popularity so quickly?  It may be their low cost for high impact, their propensity for colour coordination, their eco-friendly attributes, or their fun, retro vibe – or all of the above.

A fun way to serve milk

Fun and Vibrant

I haven’t yet seen these biodegradable, compostable lovelies featured at an event here in Toronto (aside from my summer picnic party this year), but hope they will gain favour with Canadian event planners and stylish hosts and hostesses soon.  The U.S. and Australia are at the forefront of all of the hottest entertaining trends, including the paper straw phenomenon.  Even the usually trendy U.K. is far behind these two countries when it comes to party decor and refreshments.

A snapshot from my picnic party

While I used mason jars at my picnic party, the most common format in which to see these fancy paper straws is in miniature milk jugs.  So cute but so hard to find.  I’m planning to host a Milk & Cookies Bash just before the holidays, and could not find these cute glass bottles anywhere.  A friend from Home Confetti (a blog that focuses on entertaining at home) suggested that I purchase bottled frappuccinos from Starbucks.  This turned out to be a fabulous suggestion and the bottles are adorable!  Have a look…

Pretty Little Glass Jug via Starbucks

And this past summer, Project Wedding featured a wedding that had a fabulous old-fashioned soda bar, complete with retro stripey straws.  Love it.

Old-Fashioned Soda Bar

As with any trend, the paper straws began with one signature look and then moved on to many more iterations.  They began with red stripes, then quickly moved on to include other colours, and are now even featuring polka dots.  I hear that other patterns, such as hearts and stars, will be available in the New Year.  Can’t wait!

Pink Polka - A Variation on the Trend

Striking Black Polka Dot Straws

If you are in Canada or the U.S., you can find stripey and polka dot straws in the Brilliant Bash online boutique.  If you’re in Australia, you can find the stripey straws at Jack and Lulu.  Sip it up!

Photos Courtesy of Bridal Survival, Mon Tresor, Brilliant Bash, and Project Wedding.

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9 Responses to “The Latest: Fancy Paper Straws”

  1. I love these straws, but I adore this post! Gorgeous!

  2. paperie Says:

    Wow Laura, not sure if you remember me – I was a year behind you at Gonzaga – Meghan Fahey.

    I’ve spent some time going back through your blog archives and I have to say I’m chomping at the bit to get into work tomorrow and start recreating some of your fabulous party ideas with paper. Amazing inspiration! Can’t wait to post a result of that inspiration with a link to your blog. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Hi Meghan,

      It’s so nice to hear from you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog, and The Paperie seems like such a cool spot. I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m home (maybe Xmas, if it’s open?).

      Please do send along the links to your fab new creations! I’d love to see them.

      All the best,


  3. AWE-SOME! I did not know that there was ANY great party supplier in Canada! I am going to keep you in mind for a lot of party goods!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Got connected to you through the Purple Pug where I was so excited to see that you’re another Canadian/Ontarian.

    For our product photo shoots, I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of glass beverages given that mini glass milk jars are impossible to find here. I basically buy the ones where the drink and cap match my product line.

    These are Life Brand:

    These are flavours of San Pellegrino:


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