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Brilliant Bash: Ladies & Gentlemen’s Evening Affair November 24, 2010

So, my birthday bash took place this past weekend – and it was a blast!  The theme was “Ladies & Gentlemen: An Evening Affair,” with a houndstooth and lace motif.  Our guests glammed it up and sported fancy dresses, suits, and darling hats and gloves.  So much fun.  My husband created a cocktail menu for the evening (thank you!), we planned some Victorian parlour games, and there were lots of tasty snacks to go around.

Cocktails and Parlour Games


Yes, indeeeed

For the Ladies

For the Gents

I made a ruffle cake for the first time (see a tutorial from My Sweet and Saucy), crafted a houndstooth-esque gluten-free cake, moulded and decorated moustache and lip-shaped sugar cookies, prepared cucumber sandwiches, ordered custom chocolate-dipped oreos from Sweeties by Kim, and picked up some fancy flavours of Miss Vickie’s chips.  Deeelightful!

My first attempt at a ruffle cake

Custom Chocolate Dipped Oreos by Sweeties


Fun Cookies

Pink Ruffle Cake for the Ladies

Houndstooth Cake for the Gents

Table from the side


Close-up on the pink, black and white

Ladies & Gents Table Spread

Ready for the Bash!

I printed the alphabet cake bunting from Tom Kat Studio, picked up houndstooth wallpaper from Hallmark (which served as a table runner, backdrop and vase wrapper), and doilies and pretty napkins from the local dollar store.  I printed, twirled and taped patterned paper cones (in order to jazz up the chips), and used cupcake liners as tea sandwich wrappers.  I also cut out cardstock moustaches, lips, bows and top hats and glued them onto wooden skewers for the houndstooth photo booth.  But I’ll save that for another post.  Phewf!  I loved designing this bash and hope you enjoy the photos.  You can see more images from the party on my Facebook page.  Thank you for visiting!

Photo Booth Fun!

Photos by Brilliant Bash

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6 Responses to “Brilliant Bash: Ladies & Gentlemen’s Evening Affair”

  1. Taylor Says:

    Great job! So creative and original.

  2. Thank you, Taylor! It was a lot of fun to plan. 🙂

  3. Jenni Says:

    I loved this theme and the execution! Beautiful party!

  4. Very pretty!
    Love the stashes and your ruffle cake was gorgeous!
    Love the pink and black combo as well!

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