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The Latest: Cath Kidston December 8, 2010

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I opened my mailbox this evening to find a lovely gift from a fabulous friend of mine.  It was a beautiful set of Cath Kidston labels and greeting cards.  Just gorgeous.

I hadn’t heard of this Cath Kidston character before, so I immediately visited the website and fell head-over-heels in love.  Kidston’s marriage of sweet country patterns with bold, modern flair is near and dear to my heart.  Love it!

The shop carries a wide range of fabric, clothing and home accessories, including fun, unique dinnerware.  I especially love their cake stands, and isn’t this fondue set just the cutest one you’ve ever seen?

Provence Rose Cake Stand

Dotty Fondue Set

The Cath Kidston brand is UK-based, but there is also a US website:  They don’t appear to ship to Canada *sniff*, but perhaps if we nudge them enough, they may consider doing so.

Thank you, sweet friend, for introducing me to this fantastic new world of Cath Kidston!

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