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2011 Party Trends January 16, 2011

I loved all of the party trends of 2010: Lavish dessert spreads, huge round balloons, striped paper straws, paper cones, printed labels for refreshments, custom photo backdrops, mini milk bottles and mason jars as beverage containers, custom printed cookies, whoopie pies, feathers in decor, attire, and floral arrangements, and DIY everything.  And let’s not forget the most popular themes: Circus and carnival bashes, tea parties, dessert parties, cocktail parties, black and white weddings, and craft/cake/cupcake decorating parties.

I think that most of these 2010 trends will persist throughout 2011, but what will be new for this year?

Well, I think we’ll see more “homey” trends throughout 2011, meaning that the DIY craze will continue and that a home cooking element will shine through, as well as the incorporation of family heirlooms and treasures.  Grandma’s crystal punch bowl and Aunt Edith’s silver candlesticks may find their way out of storage and into the dining room.

Comfort food will remain a big entertaining trend this year, and I foresee a lot of breakfast and brunch parties on the horizon.  Biscuit-based breakfast sandwiches, freshly squeezed juices, and stacks of personalized pancakes/waffles/french toast are easy to prepare and make a great impact.

Breakfast Biscuit

Personalized Pancakes

For desserts, I think sweet and salty will be the desired 2011 combination, as well as chocolate dipped everything.  Chocolate dipped potato chips and pretzels are tasty and very easy to prepare at home.  They also allow for colour coordination when using white chocolate and the food colouring of your choice.

Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Easy to make at home

Doughnuts, macarons, cupcakes and whoopie pies will all remain popular this year, and we’ll see a rise in the favour of pies, tarts and individually plated desserts for 2011.

Adorable Mini Pies

Just for you!

Table runners and mismatched or complementary plates will dominate in 2011, in lieu of the tablecloths and matching tableware we saw in 2010.  And linen napkins are back in full force, available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

DIY Table Runner

Complementary Tableware

As for party themes – who really knows what will catch on this year?  I personally think we’ll see a lot of “make-your-own” parties, meaning that guests will be invited to assemble their own pizzas, grilled sandwiches, ice cream sundaes and the like.  I also think that games and activities will play a larger role in 2011 entertaining, especially with XBox’s new dance game – though the old board games and trivia games wouldn’t go astray either.  Of course guests love to mix, mingle and eat, but it’s always fun to get them up and moving and interacting in an unexpected way.

Garden parties and picnics began a slow resurgence last year, and I see them becoming more popular in 2011.  Evening cocktail party, afternoon tea, and Sunday brunch weddings gained favour this past year, and I imagine we will see a lot more of these modern takes on the traditional wedding format in this coming year.  Little boys will love space, spy, and superhero parties (but when have they not loved these?), and little girls will love unicorn, fairy, and animal-themed parties more than ever.  2011 movies will certainly have an impact on the party themes for the year, so we should stay tuned for new films in the Spiderman, Captain America, King Fu Panda, The Avengers, Transformers, Get Smart, and Harry Potter franchises.

Unicorn Party!

What are your thoughts on the pending trends for 2011?  I’d love to hear your ideas and opinions!

Photos courtesy of Food and Wine, Design Sponge, Etsy, Make and Takes, Kids Cooking Activities, Twirl Boutique, Martha Stewart Weddings, West Elm.

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