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Brilliant Bash: Night Owl Pajama Party February 27, 2011

Anj Snow of the Snowy Bliss blog recently designed an out-of-this-world birthday for her daughter.  The theme of the bash was “Night Owl Pajama Party” and the amount of creativity and detail in this party is outstanding.

Check out this fabulous, functional table setting, the remarkable cake and decor, and the warm and fuzzy guest favours that Anj made all by herself.  She even created “adoption” cards for each of the pet owls she made for the guests – adorable!

Dream Birthday Table

Dreamy Details

Handmade Chandelier Ornaments

Vibrant, Personalized Table Settings

Owl Theme Cake

Fabulous Favours

Owl Adoption Cards

Movie Time with New Friends!

What Anj says about her party planning process:

I start with an idea about three or four months ahead.  I don’t make any specific plans at first; I just stick the theme in my brain and let it marinate for awhile.  Eventually, I work through the problems and new ideas start to come. I keep a folder in my car, in case inspiration suddenly strikes and I can jot it down.  When there are about two months to go before the party, I write down a party plan.  I give myself deadlines, etc.  I started the owls for this pajama party about three weeks before the celebration.  A big portion of the time was spent just coming up with the 13 different owls, their designs and what to write on the adoption cards.  I was even picky about the felt color combinations.  But that is the fun part of the creative process for me.

Way to go, Anj!  Your daughter and her friends are very lucky girls.

For Anj’s full blog post about this bash, including a link to a tutorial for the felt owls, please visit her blog here.

Photos Courtesy of Snowy Bliss

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4 Responses to “Brilliant Bash: Night Owl Pajama Party”

  1. anj Says:

    wow… thank you so much for the beautiful feature! It’s made me smile!
    Thank YOU!

  2. katie roye Says:

    hey wow this is so great and cute! i sooo adore your amazing creativness! i had a question, im in chi-omega sorority and the owl is one of our symbols, is there any way you could email me how you came up with those owl pillows? we have 64 girls and i think those are so cute i wuld like to make my own for a gift to all the girls, so 63 of them lol if you cant i understand but i would love it if maybe you could (: thank you and just email me either way!! (:

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